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Supporting clients in divorce and family law throughout the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. Experienced family attorneys fighting for the rights of people in crisis.

We are local trial lawyers serving clients in family law and traffic court throughout the Hudson Valley in Kingston, Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Greene and Columbia counties. Whether it’s family law or a traffic case, we serve our clients with respect and transparency and specialize in representing their desires and requirements day in and day out. Each client receives uncompromising support from our legal team, along with close personal attention and legal insight into the immediate challenges, and long-term consequences of your situation.

In divorce cases, our unrelenting advocacy on your behalf is intended to build a sound strategy to safeguard your relationship with your children, and advance your personal and financial goals.

Vigorous Defense for Traffic and DWI Cases

In DWI and other traffic-related cases, we fight aggressively to reduce your charges, minimize points and to help you keep your license. Our success record in traffic court is exemplary.

With more than 36 years’ experience handling traffic violations in New York, we know the steps to take to try and get your traffic ticket reduced to fewer points or even to a non-moving violation. We also have a strong background defending clients accused of driving while intoxicated or under the influence (DWI). When experience matters, contact our law firm for a free consultation.

We build your case so that you are able to achieve your desired goals. The stress and uncertainty of your family situation can lead to unrealistic goals, a misunderstanding of your legal position, and a potential counterproductive divorce strategy.

Skilled Divorce Lawyers Protect Clients’ Rights In Divorce, Custody and Support Issues

If you are one of the millions who has been thinking of filing for divorce, the law offices of Jonathan D. Katz have represented hundreds of clients just like you. Divorce is a particularly difficult moment, which is why you must locate a lawyer with the experience and strategic approach to help you overcome all of the legal obstacles that you will face. The fears of losing children, family and the heavy financial burdens can be excruciating, and the emotional struggles often cloud our clients’ judgment. By protecting your rights and interests now, you can set yourself up for success and negate years of stress and heartache.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation, so we can discuss your specific family law needs. Our areas of family law expertise include the following:

  • Divorce and Marriage Dissolution: Divorce and legal separation affects millions of families of all income levels each year. In order to protect your assets and fight for your rights, you must hire a family law attorney who will resolve all of your property, alimony and child custody issues quickly and efficiently. The law firm of Jonathan D. Katz finds common-sense solutions that work.
  • Child Custody and Visitation: Divorces involving child custody, parenting time and child support are often extremely contentious. Only an attorney who is intimately familiar with the court system and the continuing changes to family law in New York State will be able to resolve the difficult issues surrounding child custody and visitation. You need a lawyer who can navigate through the emotions and tackle the legal issues of your case.
  • Out-of-State Custody: Custody issues often involve various state and foreign laws, which increase the complexity of custody issues. Our firm has helped many of our clients succeed through our advanced understanding of interstate and international law. No matter if you aspire to receive custody within New York, in another state, or in an international setting, we will do everything in our power to help you resolve your custody and child support concerns
  • High Net-Worth Divorce: Business owners and other high-net individuals have substantial financial and personal assets that may be at risk. You will need to protect your equity when it becomes the target. As experienced negotiators and sophisticated trial lawyers, we are able to protect your rights - and your assets - when it comes time to meet at the negotiation table.
Got a Ticket? Bring it to Us

The offices of Jonathan D. Katz, Attorney at Law protect New Yorkers’ driver’s licenses. We fight for the rights of people accused of traffic offenses, including:

  • Speeding
  • Improper passing or lane changes
  • Faulty equipment
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license
  • Driving without a license or without insurance
  • DWI/DUI charges
  • Traffic Violations Points
  • And more…

In traffic ticket cases, we can represent you without your having to appear in court. We represent people accused of drunk driving and traffic violations in courts throughout Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, and Rockland Counties, as well as other areas of upstate New York and the Hudson Valley.

Defending Against DUI/DWI Charges in New York

Despite what you may have heard, it is possible to successfully defend a DWI charge based on the facts of the case. The police officer may not have had probable cause to stop your car and investigate. The breath-testing procedures may have been improperly conducted or the equipment may have been faulty. There may even be biological reasons why your blood alcohol test was over the limit. These and other factors may provide the means for a successful defense of your DWI charge.

We will carefully examine all aspects of your case. In consultation, we will explain your legal options and the likely outcomes of those options. You will have the information you need to make intelligent decisions about your case.

If your decision is to contest the DWI charge, we will represent you energetically with the goal of obtaining a dismissal or reduction in the charge. In some cases, the state’s evidence may be strong, so it may make sense to seek an outcome that mitigates the penalties you are likely to incur. Whatever your decision, we will work to present a strong case designed to protect your rights and your ability to drive.

You Need a Skilled New York Speeding Ticket Lawyer

In New York State, a speeding ticket and other traffic violations can put points on your driver’s license. Too many points can lead to an increase in your insurance premiums and the possible suspension of your license. Before you pay a traffic fine, contact us. We may be able to reduce your ticket to a lesser charge, or get it dismissed completely. Contact us today.

Client Reviews
I was living a nightmare of being falsely accused in a judicial system that considers all fathers to be dead beat dads until proven innocent. Living out of state and facing the possibility of jail, I miraculously found Jon’s website and called his office. Within a week the tables were turned, the lies were exposed, and the harassment was stopped. If you need someone that will challenge the system, then you need Jonathan Katz. Greg Weaver
Jon’s integrity towards his clients is what makes him a standout attorney. He makes it a priority to know what's important to you. You’re not just a number. He is upfront with you right from the start. He will not string you along just for his financial benefit. He is only willing to settle the case if that's truly what you want. Anytime I called him I received a call back from him that day. Not someone else in the office. He is an attorney that has a passion for what's important to his clients. John Morrissey
Being a single mom, I had enough stress in my life. I had no idea how to go about protecting myself. My daughters were my priority. Jon walked me through the process. He turned a difficult time into a workable solution. Diane Chiriani
Jon thinks well, works to be clear and honest. He works to get to a strong argument. He seems to have a good working relationship with everybody at the courthouse. I get the feeling he has no trouble thinking like a judge. He is friendly and courteous. He doesn't overbill. He takes and returns calls promptly. His legal staff is friendly and competent. What's not to like? Rick S.
I liked that there was always transparency throughout my case. Genevieve H.
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