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The legal determination of paternity today is nearly foolproof – DNA testing will usually resolve disputes as to a father’s identity beyond any reasonable doubt, but there are many other issues that genetic evidence can’t help with.

Sound Advice on New York State Paternity and Fathers’ Rights Issues

For the advice of an experienced family law attorney on the full range of legal questions that can surround a paternity case New York State, contact the office of Jonathan D. Katz, Attorney at Law in New Paltz. My attention to your long-term objectives as well as your immediate problem can help you make the most of your responsibilities as a single father. I serve clients throughout the Hudson Valley and the Catskill region, including Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Greene and Columbia counties.

There’s a lot more to paternity than monthly child support payments

Many fathers don’t realize that paternity comes with rights and benefits as well as financial responsibilities. I can help you build a secure relationship with your child through protected visitation arrangements or even shared physical custody, especially in situations where you have reason to doubt the stability of the mother’s home.

Fathers who were never married to the child’s mother don’t need to have their custody and support rights as parents depend on the mother’s inclination to recognize them. New York law will protect those rights in much the same way that it protects divorced fathers, but it is generally necessary to apply for a court order to approve a visitation schedule. You will then have the right to enforce regular parenting time, and enjoy protection from the prospect of the mother’s relocation with the child to another state.

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Children whose parents happen to be unmarried have the same interest in a strong relationship with both parents as any other children. Whether you’re a single father or a single mother, I can help you get the legal support you need to build and protect that relationship. For additional information, contact the law firm of Jonathan D. Katz, Attorney at Law in New Paltz.

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