High Net Worth Divorce

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Divorcing couples with high net worth and complex estates must take very special care when it comes to the division of their assets. The valuation of such estates can be particularly challenging, especially when these estates involve foreign or off-shore assets.

At the law offices of Jonathan D. Katz, we have extensive experience working with high net worth clients in Kingston, New Paltz and the surrounding areas. Our experience with complex estates, including those with foreign assets, gives our clients a distinct advantage during mediation and/or settlement or, if necessary, litigation. Mr. Katz is highly qualified in the valuation of business and other domestic and foreign assets, and equitable distribution of marital property.

Experienced Family Lawyer in Ulster County Offers These Services for High Net Worth Couples Looking to Divorce
Kingston Family Lawyer Handles High Net Worth Divorce in New York; Understands Tax Considerations, Premarital Property, Valuation of Business and Assets

Under New York state law, separate property is property acquired prior to marriage or during marriage by gift or inheritance. Proving the existence of separate property is the responsibility of the spouse making that claim. The division of community property and the protection of separate property assets can become fiercely complex when assets are blended.

Experienced legal advice in this area is highly necessary to a favorable outcome. Mr. Katz will devote the necessary time and resources to your family law case, helping to obtain the best result for you.

Prenuptial & Marital Agreements in High Net Worth Divorces in NY

Prenuptial agreements and marital agreements in high net worth marriages are extremely common. NY divorce lawyer Jonathan Katz has experience in drafting, enforcing and challenging such agreements. A well-drafted prenuptial or marital agreement is an important tool for protecting your property and minimizing conflict if divorce becomes inevitable.

Spousal support, child support, present and future tax considerations and alimony are issues that can become profoundly complex in high net worth families. Providing adequate support to maintain lifestyle during and after divorce, contractual alimony and maintaining children in private schools if accustomed to this arrangement, are all issues requiring special attention in many high net worth divorces.

Regardless of how much money you have in the bank, no one wants to pay unnecessary fees to get divorced. Excessive legal activity may be considered irresponsible by the courts, as well. A good, experienced family lawyer with more than three decades of helping high net worth individuals divorce is your best option for protecting your rights and interests. Contact the law offices of Jonathan D. Katz today for a free consultation about your case.

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