Traffic Violation / DWI

Hudson Valley Traffic Violation Attorney

If you were slapped with a traffic violation, you may be tempted to pay the fine. However, paying the fine will cause points to accumulate on your driving record. Too many points can cause your insurance rates to spike. If you chose to ignore the traffic violation, your driver’s license could be suspended.

I am attorney Jonathan D. Katz with more than 30 years of experience handling traffic violations in New York. I know the right steps to take to try and get your traffic ticket reduced to fewer points or even to a non-moving violation. I also have a strong background defending clients accused of drunk driving. When experience matters, contact my law firm in New Paltz for a free consultation.

Handling Traffic Violations in Hudson Valley, New York

At my law practice, Jonathan D. Katz, Attorney at Law, I protect New Yorkers’ driver’s licenses of people accused of traffic offenses, including:

Part of my background includes handling traffic violations for drivers accused of speeding on Route 28. In traffic ticket cases, I can represent you without you having to appear in court. I represent people accused of drunk driving and traffic violations in courts throughout Kingston, Newburgh, Olive, Saugerties, Ulster County, Orange County, the Hudson Valley and the Catskills.

Defending Against DUI/DWI Charges in New York

Despite what you have heard, it may be possible to successfully defend a DWI charge based on the facts of the case. The police officer may not have had probable cause to stop your car and investigate. The breath testing procedures may have been improperly conducted or the equipment may have been faulty. There may even be biological reasons why your blood alcohol test was over the limit. These and other facts may provide the means for a successful defense of your DWI charge.

I will carefully examine all aspects of your case. In free consultation with you, I will explain your legal options and the likely outcomes of those options. You will have the information you need to make an intelligent decision about your case.

If your decision is to contest the DWI charge, I will represent you energetically with the goal of obtaining a dismissal or reduction in the charge. In other cases, the state’s evidence may be strong, and it may make sense to seek an outcome that mitigates the penalties you incur. Whatever your decision, I will work to present a strong case designed to protect your rights and ability to drive.

Contact a Skilled New York Speeding Ticket Lawyer

A speeding ticket and other traffic violations can put points on your driver’s license. Too many points can lead to an increase in your insurance premiums and the possible suspension of your license. Before you pay a traffic fine, contact me. I may be able to reduce your ticket to a lesser charge, or get it dismissed. Contact me today.

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