Spousal Support

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At the beginning of the divorce process, a dependent spouse is often in need of a temporary spousal support order in order to continue to pay bills and maintain a reasonable standard of living. Once a divorce is finalized, a spousal support order may remain in effect permanently if it is not specifically changed.

Normally, spousal support (alimony) is appropriate when a dependent spouse does not have the ability to support herself or himself. In turn, the dependent spouse may be expected to seek the education and training necessary to become self-supporting. In the case of a long-term marriage, spousal support obligations may continue until retirement.

While it was once rare or even unheard of, elder divorce does occur from time to time. It is not unusual for me to take on difficult or challenging cases such as that of an 80-year-old retired teacher who was divorcing from her husband after several decades of marriage. Young or old, payor or receiver, any spouse involved in a marital separation or divorce is encouraged to contact an lawyer early on in the process to ensure a favorable outcome in terms of spousal support.

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