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Family Law Attorney in Ulster County, NYUlster County Lawyer with Over 30 Years of Family Law Experience Providing Compassionate, Skilled Advice to Clients Across New York

The Law offices of Attorney Jonathan D. Katz handle family law cases exclusively. We are focused on this area of the law so we can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to changes that may affect you and your family.

Regardless of the family law situation you are facing, we have the experience, skill and compassion to help you reach a favorable resolution. Our legal professionals understand that matters of family law are intensely personal. Mr. Katz has over 30 years of family law experience and a thorough understanding of the family court systems in Kingston, New Paltz, Ulster County, Orange County, Dutchess County and throughout the region. He works hard to help clients reach an effective resolution through collaborative law and mediation or, when necessary, divorce litigation.

Divorce Attorney Jonathan D. Katz Offers Comprehensive Family Law Services in New Paltz, Highland, Saugerties, Kingston, Rochester, New York, and Across Ulster County

Jonathan D. Katz focuses on more than just winning your case. Our goal is to win each case, but to do so in a manner that guides clients compassionately through a profoundly emotional time. It is Mr. Katz’s goal to provide advice that leads to a better future for you and your family. Our legal professionals understand more than just the law. We understand that in order to reach a favorable outcome, we need to fully understand each client’s unique situation.

You can rely on Jonathan Katz for family law services in the following areas:

Whether you are considering an amicable dissolution of your marriage, are engaged in a child custody battle or concerned for your safety, Kingston Family Lawyer Jonathan Katz will work hard to minimize the stress on you and your children. It’s quite common for issues to arise in the middle of the family law process. When couples decide to divorce, that decision involves everything from division of assets and debts to spousal support and child custody and support. Couples may believe themselves to be in agreement on these issues, only to find out that what they had verbally agreed to will negatively impact their quality of life.

As a skilled New York family law attorney with over 30 years of experience, Jonathan D. Katz provides compassionate, practical legal guidance and will resolve each issue in an efficient and thorough manner. We will be your advocate, helping you to resolve your property, alimony and child custody issues quickly and cost-effectively. We know how different circumstances affect the outcome of family law cases and we use this knowledge to find common sense solutions that work. We understand the laws as they pertain to New York specifically. Family laws are not the same for every state. For example, marital property is divided equitably in New York. This means that property and debts acquired throughout the marriage are divided between the spouses in as fair a manner as possible. This does not necessarily mean the division will be equal.

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