Acrimonious Disputes

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People think they know their spouse … until it comes time to divide up the marital assets in an acrimonious divorce. What starts out as an amicable agreement often turns sour quickly when one party becomes concerned about losing property or financial assets. An acrimonious divorce is everyone’s worst nightmare, but often the reality.

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At the firm of Jonathan D. Katz, Attorney at Law, I place a special focus of my practice on handling divorce cases involving complex marital property and child custody issues, particularly for couples of high net worth. For more than 25 years, my law firm has been recognized by judges and family law professionals for finding creative, intelligent solutions to resolving the most difficult disputes. Through negotiation, knowledge of procedure, an understanding of what judges expect and solid hard work, I will help you find a resolution that meets your needs and protects your interests, without leaving a bitter taste that often results in expensive legal action.

During your free consultation, I will examine the key issues in your acrimonious divorce, including:

  • How domestic violence and emotional distress has caused marital conflict
  • False allegations leading to high-conflict divorce
  • Acrimonious disputes over property, custody and visitation rights

“Acrimonious divorce often results when one spouse is afraid of the other, because of domestic violence and emotional distress. As your lawyer, I will serve as your lead blocker, protecting your rights and your interests. Your divorce will proceed in a safe, equitable legal environment. That’s a promise.”
Jonathan Katz

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