Elizabeth A. Ledkovsky Upon interviewing Jonathan Katz, I decided to retain him because I was impressed with his approach to divorce: he advocated communication, conflict reduction, and efficiency, toward reducing the stress and monetary expense already inherent to any legal action.

When my case took unexpected turns, Jonathan was agile and effective in his response, even when the straightforward divorce turned into an international custody battle that went to federal court. Responsive at every turn, efficient, and wise in his counsel, Mr. Katz’s legal services gave me real value for my investment.
Elizabeth A. Ledkovsky

I was living a nightmare of being falsely accused in a judicial system that considers all father’s to be dead beat dads until proven innocent. Living out of state and facing the possibility of jail, I miraculously found Jon’s website and called his office. Within a week the tables were turned, the lies were exposed, and the harassment was stopped. If you need someone that will challenge the system, then you need Jonathan Katz.
Greg Weaver

Jon’s integrity towards his clients is what makes him a standout attorney. He makes it a priority to know whats important to you. You’re not just a number. He is up front with you right from the start. He will not string you along just for his financial benefit. He is only willing to settle the case if thats truly what you want. Anytime I called him I received a call back from him that day. Not someone else in the office. He is an attorney that has a passion for whats important to his clients.
John Morrissey

Being a single mom, I had enough stress in my life. I had no idea how to go about protecting my self. My daughters were my priority. Jon walked me through the process. He turned a difficult time into a workable solution.
Diane Chiriani

When I left my husband, I was scared of everything. Scared of him, of losing my kids, of the courts, the judges, the trials, etc. After talking with Jon during those first few weeks of the process, the fears started to subside and working with him over time empowered me to stand up against the evil that is my ex-husband. It took a great deal of patience to argue and sometimes concede all the irrational and insignificant requests issued by my former other half during the long and tedious months of marital limbo. But in the end, Jon was able to get for me everything that I was hoping for.

The strength that Jon has helped build in me and the confidence I have in his knowledge of the law has allowed me to fight harder for what is fair and just and I have enlisted his help several times since the divorce. Whether it’s another drawn out court battle or a simple question over the telephone, Jon has always helped me make the right decision. He’s always been able to lay out several different options and has debated the issues with me allowing me to question every aspect of a potential case before proceeding. He’s always been honest with me, straight forward about our chances and has never let me do anything that wouldn’t work out in my favor. I appreciate his candor and am deeply grateful for all his help. No other lawyer would have done for me what Jonathan has.

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Billiam Von Rostenberg

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