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Life happens quickly, and even the best non-custodial parents need to make arrangements to see their children outside of the usual parenting schedule. Unfortunately, custodial parents don’t always agree and throw up roadblocks to emergency visitation or special arrangements. If you are a non-custodial parent in New York who is seeking a special arrangement for parenting time because of an emergency or urgent change of events, you have legal options available to you.

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At the law offices of Jonathan D. Katz, you will find compassionate, vigorous representation to help you get the parenting time you seek. The courts are not unreasonable. In many cases, family law judges recognize unreasonable objections and will consider special arrangements, even when they are against the will of the custodial parent.

Some possible reasons the courts approve emergency visitation and special parenting arrangements include:

  • Call to military service
  • Serious illness or injury
  • Impending death of the child’s grandparent
  • Custodial parent has entered into an unhealthy lifestyle or relationship
  • Serious illness or injury to the child’s step-sibling or stepparent
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From my offices in New Paltz, I represent clients in communities throughout Orange County, Dutchess County and the Hudson River Valley. I have experience in all areas of New York child custody law, including:

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