Support Modification Based on Change of Income

Has Your Income Made It Necessary to Modify Your Child Support or Child Custody?

The courts know that people’s lives and personal fortunes change. As the economy slipped into recession, thousands of people lost their jobs or had to seek employment earning significantly less than their previous wage or salary. If you find it difficult to meet your child support or spousal support obligation because of a change in your income, you are entitled to seek a modification through the courts.

Support Modification Based on Change of Income in New York

As a New York family law attorney for more than 25 years, I have helped hundreds of clients successfully change the levels of their original support obligations. I know what the judges take into consideration, and I have an in-depth knowledge of case law and successful argumentation.

Factors judges will look while deciding on a modification include:
  • Will a reduction or modification of child support cause harm to your child?
  • Is your ex-spouse or custodial parent now earning significantly more money?
  • Did you voluntarily leave your former employer to take a lower-paying job?
  • Is your wage reduction likely to be permanent, or are you facing a temporary setback?
  • Did the custodial parent’s income increase or decrease?
  • Will you be willing to accept a modified parenting schedule if child support is modified?
  • Do you have other financial assets available besides your employment earnings?
My Firm Will Also Help You Fight an Unjustified Modification Request

My law firm is ready to help you fight to protect your financial interests. Whether you are seeking to modify your existing support obligation or are fighting the modification petition, I know the effective strategies to build the strongest case possible on your behalf. I provide representation for Orange County support modification cases, Dutchess County support modification cases and family law matters in communities throughout the Hudson River Valley and Catskills region.

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