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Serving Kingston NY, Ulster County and the rest of New York: Joint Custody, Visitation Agreements – When parents separate or divorce in New York, child custody and visitation rights must be legally determined by way of a court order. The child custody order may be incorporated into a divorce decree, or if the parents are not married, it will be a stand-alone court order. Separated or divorcing parents often need clarification on the legal and practical meaning of child custody arrangements including the following:

  • Joint custody (co-parenting): This is the default arrangement that family law judges expect to be the norm.

  • Sole custody: This may be ordered when one parent is unable or unwilling to assume parenting responsibilities.

Serving Kingston, Poughkeepsie and Goshen: Joint Custody, Visitation Agreements

Understand your rights and responsibilities when you, a parent of minor children in New York, are separated or divorced. Contact New York custody lawyer, Jonathan D. Katz, to schedule a free consultation regarding the logistics of joint custody and other means by which separated parents both have a say in decision-making about a child’s education, religious training and health care. Learn how visitation can affect child support. Discuss ways of resolving custody and visitation issues when parents live far apart or a primary custodial parent wishes to move away.

I often handle complex and unusual child custody cases involving parents in international locations including Germany and other countries in Europe such as Italy, England or Poland, as well as in Hong Kong and other locations in China. As necessary, I collaborate with overseas lawyers to help parents who are separated by oceans and continents retain parental rights and access to their children. Discuss situations such as the international location of separated parents, grandparents’ visitation rights or sibling visitation rights with an experienced, knowledgeable New York family law attorney.

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