Out of State Relocation

New York Out of State Relocation Attorney & Child Custody Relocation Petitions Lawyer

The New Paltz, New York, law offices of Jonathan D. Katz is ready to vigorously advocate on your behalf if you are the custodial parent seeking court approval to relocate out-of-state with your child, or if you are a non-custodial parent fighting to prevent relocation.

I am New York family law attorney Jonathan Katz. I have been helping divorced couples and separated parents resolve complex child custody modification issues in Orange County, Dutchess County and communities throughout the Hudson Valley and the Catskills region for more than 25 years. In general, Orange County and Dutchess County family law judges oppose the idea of allowing a custodial parent to relocate a great distance from the non-custodial parent. Under certain conditions, the custodial parent may be able to show that the move is beneficial to the child.

Conditions for the court to consider approving an out-of-state or international relocation include:

  • The benefit of a being closer to extended family
  • The benefit of increased job opportunities and income for the parent
  • The benefit of a new personal relationship for the parent
  • The benefit of educational opportunities for the child
An Out-of-State Relocation Doesn’t Have to Be a Black or White Issue

Often, the reaction from the non-custodial parent is to tenaciously object to the relocation. As an experienced New York divorce and child custody attorney, I have seen the worst of what often results when emotions, lingering anger and frustration take over a relocation issue. Naturally, the custodial parent wants to do what is best for the child. Just as naturally, the non-custodial parent is worried about losing influence and connection. In my experience, there is almost always a way to find a fair, negotiated resolution that avoids costly litigation while meeting the needs of the child and parents.

Experienced Child Custody Representation for Custodial and Non-Custodial Parents

If you are involved in a child custody matter involving out-of-state relocation — on either side of the issue — come to my law firm for straight answers and serious, focused advice and representation. From my offices in New Paltz, I work with clients on child custody matters throughout the Hudson Valley and Catskills region. Contact me today.

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