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In New York, spousal support is becoming more unusual in divorce settlements. The length of marriage is an important part of the equation of calculating the need for alimony. Typically, alimony awards for marriages of durations shorter than 10 years won’t be considered at all, except in cases of limited-duration alimony to help a spouse meet short-term needs to re-enter the workplace. Temporary spousal support is often referred to as rehabilitative alimony.

Will Long-Term Alimony Be a Part of Your Divorce Settlement?

For long-term marriages, the spouse seeking permanent alimony must show that there would be a significant and inequitable reduction in lifestyle if alimony is not awarded. When determining whether long-term alimony should be considered for divorces involving couples of high net worth, the courts often consider the standard of living during the marriage as an important factor. The standard of living previous to the marriage is typically not an important factor.

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In cases of divorcing couples with high net worth, it is not unusual for one party to seek a significant lump-sum settlement in lieu of monthly obligations to meet their needs for prolonged economic dependence. Parties on both sides of the dispute have a strong interest in protecting their financial future. If a large settlement or long-term support will be part of your divorce settlement, make sure your lawyer understands the complex issues that often go beyond income.

Some of these issues include:

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