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Licensed professionals stake their careers on their practice. It takes years to build up a professional reputation among clients and colleagues. Losing it all or a potion of it in a divorce property settlement can be a financial disaster that is impossible to overcome.

Professionals Have a Lot to Lose If They Lose Their Practice in Divorce

If you are a professional going through a divorce, will your attorney know how to make sure your practice remains separate property? At Jonathan D. Katz, Attorney at Law, I have been aggressively protecting the financial interests of divorcing professionals for more than 25 years. I am a skilled, experienced litigator who knows the strategies for keeping your practice in your name. When we meet during an free consultation, we will discuss the complex issues involved in your property settlement, including:

  • Fair valuation of your practice
  • Whether the appreciated value is subject to property transmutation
  • What part of your professional practice is subject to rules of property transmutation
  • How tax obligations and corporate structures might impact your settlement
  • What did your spouse contribute to the success of your professional practice and career

Your professional license may give you the capacity to increase your earnings, but it doesn’t guarantee your practice will be successful. Losing everything in your high net worth divorce isn’t equitable distribution. It is unfair and I fight hard to make sure it doesn’t happen.

For more than a quarter century, my practice, in New Paltz has been representing licensed professionals in a broad range of professions, including:

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If you are a professional considering divorce, your lawyer will require knowledge, skill and experience in all areas of New York marital property laws. Contact my offices in New Paltz, New York, to arrange an opportunity to discuss your financial concerns.

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