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Education Valuation: What Is an Education Really Worth in a Divorce?

Did you help put your spouse through school, then worked hard to ensure the education led to a good, high-earning career? Many spouses don’t realize that an education has specific value and can be characterized as marital property in New York. This value may include more than just tuition payments. If a college or professional degree led to a valuable career, the other spouse has every right to claim an equitable distribution of the appreciated value.

Education Valuation Is an Important Component of Your Property Settlement

For more than a quarter of a century, Jonathan D. Katz, Attorney at Law, has been the law firm people with high net worth know they can turn to receive skilled, intelligent representation to protect their property rights through the divorce process. New York is not a community property state. During the divorce process, all marital property — including intangible property such as an education and career — is characterized as separate property or marital property.

Why Education Valuation Is so Important to Your Settlement in New York

Property rights extend beyond the house and investment accounts. By working with independent QDRO specialists, I can help protect your rights to intangible assets, including an education, a professional license and a career, relative to current and future earning capacity and contribution to retirement accounts.

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