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In some relationships it is common for one spouse to carry on savings or investment activity without keeping the other spouse fully informed. While that may not result in any financial problems during the marriage, it is illegal to keep assets hidden in the event of divorce. The problem for the unknowing spouse, of course is investigating and uncovering the hidden assets that might lie buried in overseas accounts, stocks, bonds and tax shelters.

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When you hire us at the firm of Jonathan D. Katz, Attorney at Law, you will have an attorney you can trust to get the numbers right. As an experienced divorce lawyer with more than 25 years of experience representing clients with high net worth throughout New York, I have the knowledge and professional resources to thoroughly investigate whether your spouse may be holding out financial property that should be subject to equitable distribution. I use my own experience, as well as the knowledge of independent professionals, including forensic accountants, investment specialists and professionals with skills in the area of investigating business valuations, tax shelters and other types of fraud involving hidden assets.

Make Sure the Full Value of Your Family Assets Is on the Table

If you suspect that your spouse may be undervaluing assets or showing a sudden decrease in revenues from a family owned business or being self employed, I advise you to trust your instincts. You are probably right.

I have extensive experience investigating hidden assets and financial matters, such as:

  • The full value of your equity investments over the duration of your marriage
  • Whether your spouse is undervaluing the family business, professional practice, or business earnings
  • Whether separate property investments appreciated in value
  • How and with whom your money was invested over the course of your marriage
  • Whether your spouse commingled separate assets with marital assets for investments
  • The possible tax ramifications of unknown investment accounts
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