Child Support Modification

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A divorce becomes final with a court order, but a divorce agreement is never really final. Overtime, circumstances change for the better or worse. Children grow up, parents may lose jobs, change careers or move across state lines. Divorce agreements are not meant to be written in stone. They can be modified to reflect life changes.

Modifying Child Support Based on Your Children’s Best Interests in New York

I am divorce attorney Jonathan D. Katz with more than 30 years of family law experience in the Kingston, Hudson Valley, Rochester, Woodstock, & New Paltz area. I understand firsthand the changes in life that could prompt a modification to your divorce agreement. Income levels can fluctuate significantly based on career moves, relocations and other life changes.

If you or your spouse’s income level has been modified at least 15 percent, the amount of child support you pay or receive could be adjusted. You are also entitled to pursue a child support modification every three years based on your child’s best interests. Contact my family law firm in New Paltz today to learn how I can help address your child support modification concerns.

Defining the Factors Used to Modify Child Support in Ulster County

Both parents have an obligation to ensure their children are cared for financially during and after a divorce. The amount parents pay can increase or decrease based on substantial changes in financial circumstances. I have a strong background helping clients enforce or modify child support arrangements based on a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Additional obligations to financially support children from a different marriage or relationship
  • Changes in the amount of visitation time a parent spends with his or her children
  • Medical and educational needs of the supported child
  • New job increasing the non-custodial parent’s income level
  • Job loss affecting how much the non-custodial parent can pay

I am committed to representing mothers and fathers seeking to modify or enforce child support arrangements. New York Child support can be adjusted through proving the non-custodial parent has had a significant and continued change in financial circumstances. If either you or your ex has lost a job, this could prompt a modification to child support.

Child custody arrangements can also cause child support to be modified. For example, if the custodial parent becomes unfit to parent based on mental illness, drug addiction or possibly alcohol dependency, the custody arrangement could be modified. When custody agreements change, child support can ultimately be modified. Every case is fact specific. I have the skills and legal resources to help you navigate through the modification process.

Contact a Skilled Kingston Child Support Lawyer Helping Families in Ulster, Dutchess, & Orange County

Family situations change over time. If your income level has increased or decreased at least 15 percent, your child support arrangement could be modified. Contact my Kingston & Hudson Valley law firm today to schedule a free consultation in New Paltz, New York, for help modifying or enforcing your child support arrangement.

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