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The anxiety and fear of a parent whose child has been taken across national boundaries cannot be fully comprehended by others. Fortunately for parents in this situation, there are legal means and practical resources available to help locate the child and return custodial or visitation rights to the parent.

Jonathan D. Katz, Attorney at Law, is a firm that represents parents in parental abduction cases.

Locating Your Child Will Be Our Priority

Jonathan D. Katz, Attorney at Law will use every legal means available to locate and recover custody of your child. The firm works with private investigators and other resources in this effort.

Our primary investigator is a decorated former New York City police detective. This investigator has many years experience in locating adults and abducted children, and access to investigatory resources in the U.S. and other nations. Whether they are living in plain sight or underground, we will make every effort to locate the parent and child.

A Comprehensive Legal Effort

Locating your child is only the first step in re-asserting your parental rights. My firm will undertake a comprehensive legal effort designed to locate your child, restore custody and secure your custodial rights. This may include the use of professional resources such as psychologists and child development professionals to develop evidence that can be persuasive in court.

As an experienced child custody on client’s existing site attorney, I have succeeded in numerous cases involving contested custody, parental abduction and other family law matters. Jonathan D. Katz, Attorney at Law will vigorously pursue your case using every means at the firm’s disposal.

You Must Act Quickly

The Hague Convention returns jurisdiction in international child abduction cases to the country of “habitual residence” of the child, provided that the two nations in question are parties to the treaty. The longer the child lives in a particular location however, the greater the risk that a court will decide that jurisdiction lies in that country, rather than the country from which the child was abducted.

In your case, Jonathan D. Katz, Attorney at Law, will place the highest priority on locating your child and recovering your custodial or visitation rights.

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