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Every family law judge brings a different set of values to court. When it comes to making decisions about child custody, the judges and court professionals in Dutchess County have a different set of values and expectations than other judges in surrounding counties. While it is true that the courts always look at what is in the best interest of the child, knowing the court procedures and values of Dutchess County judges is invaluable.

If you face a child custody problem in Dutchess County, it makes sense to hire a New York family law attorney with years of local experience. The law office of Jonathan D. Katz has been representing clients in Dutchess County family law courts for nearly a quarter of a century. I am attorney Jonathan Katz. Before you take another step toward resolving your Dutchess County child custody or parental rights matter, call me to arrange a free consultation. I will help you understand what your local courts expect and how we can help you resolve the issue as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible.

I have a successful record of representing Dutchess County residents in complex divorce and child custody matters that are often emotional and frustrating. I do everything possible to resolve issues without the need for costly litigation. When court becomes necessary to protect your family interests, I am an experienced, knowledgeable advocate you can count on.

I know how Dutchess County child welfare professionals view custody issues and report to judges regarding their recommendations. At my law firm, you have the benefit of experience, knowledge and insight guiding you through the process.

I have experience in all areas of New York child custody law, including:

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It makes sense to hire an attorney who understands the local expectations and values of family law judges and court officials in Orange County. From my offices in New Paltz, I represent clients in communities throughout Orange County, the Hudson Valley and the Catskill region. Contact me to arrange an free consultation.

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