Defending Prenuptial Agreements

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You signed your prenuptial agreement in good faith. You negotiated the terms carefully. Both parties were represented by legal counsel. The agreement protects your rights and financial interests fairly. Now that you are considering divorce, is your spouse suddenly claiming that it is unfair and invalid?

Are You Facing Divorce? Is Your Prenuptial Agreement Getting Attacked?

Prenuptial agreements are legal contracts, negotiated and signed by both parties. When they are executed properly, judges consider them legally airtight. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that parties won’t try anything to break them, particularly if one party brought little in the way of personal assets to the marriage.

The law offices of Jonathan D. Katz has been representing clients on both sides of the prenuptial agreement issue for more than 25 years. I have seen how judges rule on the issue, and I know what defense strategies to apply to make sure your prenup holds up in court. If you are considering divorce and have a prenuptial agreement in place, act proactively. I will evaluate your agreement and inform you about issues that are potential areas of litigation. I will also help you understand your best options for successfully defending your financial and personal interests in court.

If your prenuptial agreement was property executed, with both parties represented by their own lawyers, prenuptial agreements are difficult to attack. Talk to an experienced attorney to make sure yours is airtight before you file for divorce.

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