Former NBA Star Scottie Pippen Involved in Contentious Divorce

Retired NBA superstar Scottie Pippen is currently involved in an extremely contentious divorce from his longtime wife.

Scottie Pippen and Larsa Pippen got married in 1997. During their 19 years of marriage, Scottie and Larsa had four kids together. (Scottie has three children from earlier relationships, with all of those children being over the age of 18.) Of course, this could lead to serious issues involving child custody and child support during the already-heated divorce proceedings.

The split comes on the heels of the married couple attending an NYC Fashion Week event in October, when they actually walked on the red carpet together with one of their daughters. Both spouses later filed for divorce, which gives some indication of how combative the divorce process could end up being. Larsa did issue a statement indicating that she is “hopeful” that the soon-to-be-divorced couple will be able to keep their children’s best interests in mind as they go through this process.

However, not long after the initial divorce paperwork was filed in a Florida circuit court, Scottie Pippen reportedly attempted to get a prenuptial agreement amended so that he would not be required to pay spousal support. Moreover, Scottie is reportedly requesting full custody of the couple’s four kids by asking the court to “allocate parental responsibility whereby the Husband is awarded ultimate responsibility over issues relating to education, health care, and general welfare of the minor children.” Some media outlets have speculated that Scottie may want to move the children from Florida to Chicago, Illinois.

While Scottie Pippen is a former professional basketball player who made his name playing with Michael Jordan on the Chicago Bulls, Larsa Pippen is a celebrity in her own right. Larsa used to be a cast member on the popular Bravo reality TV series “Real Housewives of Miami” and she regularly appears on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

For more information, read the article, “Scottie Pippen Files for Divorce from Larsa Pippen after Nearly 20 Years of Marriage.”

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