“Big Bang Theory” Star Kaley Cuoco Keeps Assets in Divorce because of Prenup Agreement

May 12, 2016

Kaley Cuoco, one of the stars of the hit TV show “The Big Bang Theory,” recently completed her divorce from professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting. The big news in the divorce settlement is that it appears that Cuoco will be able to keep her massive fortune due to an ironclad prenuptial agreement.

Cuoco and Sweeting got married in January 2013 and eventually decided to legally separate in September 2015. Shortly after the couple tied the knot, Cuoco signed a massive contract for her TV show. The deal guaranteed Cuoco $1 million per episode for a total of 72 episodes.

Now it appears that Cuoco’s contract extension, worth upwards of $72 million, was protected in the event of divorce because of the prenup.

Additionally, the prenup agreement protects Cuoco’s homes in Tarzana, CA and Santa Barbara, CA. Cuoco, currently 30 years old, will get to retain the assets she had entering the marriage and the assets she earned during the marriage, while 28-year-old Sweeting will keep his assets as well.

The marriage prenup means that Sweeting will end up with a fairly insignificant amount of property and cash by comparison. Under the terms of the ex-couple’s divorce settlement, Sweeting will get $165K in spousal support, as well as $195K to cover the costs of his personal trainers. Cuoco also agreed to pay Sweeting’s attorney’s fees for the divorce, which should end up amounting to approximately $55,000, and the costs Sweeting incurred during prenup negotiations, which amounted to a little more than $9,000.

This high net worth divorce highlights the importance of having solid legal representation before getting married. Without a prenuptial agreement, Cuoco could have been on the hook for tens of millions of dollars when her marriage ended.

For more information about this high-profile divorce, read the Yahoo.com article, “Kaley Cuoco Divorce: I Get $72 Million…You Get the Gift Certificates.”

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