Knowing Your Rights

During a Traffic Stop in New York

A traffic stop can be an intimidating experience, particularly if you're unsure of your legal rights. In the Hudson Valley, including Ulster, Orange, Dutchess, Greene, and Columbia Counties, knowing what you are entitled to during these encounters is crucial. Jonathan Katz, an experienced traffic law attorney, is committed to educating drivers about their rights and providing robust defense when those rights are challenged.

A photo of a male driver receiving a ticket.

Understanding Your Rights:

Every driver should be aware of several fundamental rights during a traffic stop:

  • Right to Remain Silent: You can choose not to answer questions beyond providing your name, license, registration, and proof of insurance.
  • Right to Refuse Searches: You may deny consent to search your vehicle unless the officer has a warrant or probable cause.
  • Right to Document the Encounter: You are allowed to record the traffic stop as long as it does not interfere with lawful police operations.

How to Conduct Yourself During a Traffic Stop:

  • Stay Calm: Keep your hands visible and avoid sudden movements.
  • Communicate Clearly: Respond politely to officer requests and clearly assert your rights if necessary.
  • Comply with Legitimate Requests: Provide documentation such as your driver’s license and registration when asked.

A photo of a female driver receiving a ticket.

Legal Considerations and Protections:

Jonathan Katz emphasizes the importance of not only knowing your rights but also understanding the legal boundaries of law enforcement during a stop. He advises clients on how to recognize unlawful police behavior and the steps to take if they believe their rights have been violated.

With his deep understanding of traffic laws in New York, Jonathan Katz assists clients who face complications arising from traffic stops. Whether it's defending against unwarranted charges or addressing rights violations, Katz ensures that your legal journey is informed and supported.

Traffic stops can lead to significant legal outcomes, which makes understanding your rights imperative. For robust defense and guidance through the complexities of your rights at traffic stops in the Hudson Valley, turn to Jonathan Katz.

If you've experienced a problematic traffic stop in Hudson Valley, contact Jonathan Katz for expert legal assistance and ensure your rights are vigorously defended.

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I was living a nightmare of being falsely accused in a judicial system that considers all fathers to be dead beat dads until proven innocent. Living out of state and facing the possibility of jail, I miraculously found Jon’s website and called his office. Within a week the tables were turned, the lies were exposed, and the harassment was stopped. If you need someone that will challenge the system, then you need Jonathan Katz. Greg Weaver
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Being a single mom, I had enough stress in my life. I had no idea how to go about protecting myself. My daughters were my priority. Jon walked me through the process. He turned a difficult time into a workable solution. Diane Chiriani
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