Frances Bean Cobain in Combative Divorce, Ex Requests Massive Alimony Award

Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of famed musician Kurt Cobain, is still embroiled in a contentious divorce that seemingly has no end in sight. Cobain’s estranged husband, Isaiah Silva, recently asked a divorce court judge to award him spousal support totaling at least $25,000 per month.

Silva reportedly told the divorce court judge that he does not have any money and would be broke and unable to support himself without a sufficient amount of spousal support from Cobain. Silva claimed that he actually quit a well-paying job and did not seek employment at Cobain’s request shortly after the couple got married. He reportedly did this because Cobain promised to pay for all of his monthly expenditures going forward, including private school tuition and other expenses for a child from a previous relationship.

Silva said that Cobain is no longer willing to honor her earlier agreement, so he is asking the divorce court to force Cobain to provide him with alimony.

In addition to requesting spousal support, Silva is also asking for 50 percent of all money that Cobain earned through business transactions while the couple was married. Cobain and Silva were married for approximately two years.

Cobain reportedly has as much as $100 million that she inherited from her father, deceased Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain. Since there was no prenuptial agreement in place when Cobain and Silva tied the knot, the couple’s divorce could be very complicated.

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