Drew Barrymore’s Divorce Appears to Be Amicable

August 15, 2016

Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore is currently going through the divorce process with her husband Will Kopelman. The ex-couple’s divorce is said to be amicable, which is highly unusual for these kinds of celebrity divorces, especially when the marriage involves two high net worth individuals.

In this case, the presence of children in the marriage could be playing a factor in the cordial nature of the divorce between Barrymore and Kopelman, as both parents are believed to be extremely protective of their children. The former couple has two children, a three-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy, both of whom were mentioned prominently in a joint statement that Barrymore and Kopelman issued to People magazine. In the statement, the ex-couple noted that getting divorced will not change the fact that they are still a family together. The divorcing couple also stated that their kids will continue to be a priority in their lives.

Barrymore, who is 41 years old, has been married to Kopelman for approximately four years. They were friends for years prior to getting married. Although the couple reportedly separated in April 2016, they did not officially file for divorce until recently. The divorce documents filed by Barrymore classify the divorce as “uncontested.”

Interestingly, Barrymore is currently appearing on a popular Bravo network TV show, Odd Mom Out, that was created by Kopelman’s sister. Despite the fact that Barrymore is going through the divorce, she reportedly remains close friends with her sister-in-law.

For more information, read the Inquisitr.com article, “Drew Barrymore Proves She’s a Good Sport, Files for Amicable Divorce from Will Kopelman but Still Works with Sister-in-Law.”

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