Why Mediation is the Best Approach to Dealing with Child Custody Challenges

December 29, 2015

Generally speaking, there is nothing that’s easy about getting divorced. Emotions are running wild; fear, frustration, anger, sadness abound. It’s difficult enough to deal with your own emotions and it may feel almost impossible to manage long-term decision-making such as who gets custody of the children, where do they live, who pays what, etc.

Mediation can be a port in the storm for a divorcing couple. In this non-adversarial process, there is a mediator who provides a neutral voice when negotiating important family law topics. Different from a judge in court, the mediator does not have the power to make decisions. Instead, the mediator is there to guide the couple along as they review the issues and come to an agreement.

In addition to traditional mediation, there is also mediation with legal representation. Jonathan Katz, Esq., an experienced divorce lawyer and knowledgeable family law mediator, welcomes couples to a new type of mediation. He serves as the mediator while each spouse is able to bring their own attorney to the negotiating table. This process allows each spouse to be protected legally and also provides for a more complete overview of all topics that need to be handled.

Why is mediation better than traditional litigation for managing custody issues?
  • Time is Money – Decisions can be made in a much shorter period of time when couples opt for mediation. In fact, child custody matters can often be settled in hours, instead of the customary weeks or months common with litigation.

  • Better Communication – You’ve heard it before; you may not be married anymore but you will always be parents — together. During the mediation process, couples work things out together, learning to give and take and compromise along the way. This more amicable way of resolving conflict can only benefit the children in the long run.

  • Being in the Driver’s Seat – Mediation gives the divorcing couple the power to control their own destiny. By making decisions together, they can rest assured that a judge isn’t going to rubber stamp decisions that you feel aren’t in the best interests of your children.

For more information about mediation, speak to a compassionate lawyer about your divorce, child custody or spousal support issue today for free. Mr. Katz can explain the benefits of mediation with legal representation and can also represent you in traditional divorce as well.

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