NY Mets Pitcher Bartolo Colon Sued for Child Support, Allegedly Had Secret Family

May 23, 2016

Bartolo Colon, the popular pitcher for the New York Mets, is currently being sued for child support. The 42-year-old Colon has been accused of failing to provide adequate financial support for his “secret love children.”

The NY Post recently revealed that Colon, who is married to Rosanna Colon, has allegedly been hiding the existence of a second family for several years. The Colons have been married for 21 years and have four children together in Clifton, New Jersey. However, it is alleged that Colon also has two children – ages seven and eight, respectively – with Alexandra Santos, a 38-year-old woman from Washington Heights, New York.

In court filings, Santos pointed out that Colon earns “a significant income,” currently making $7 million per season as a player for the New York Mets, a Major League Baseball team. Moreover, during the course of his career, Colon has reportedly earned in excess of $100 million. In addition to seeking child support, Santos is also asking a Manhattan court to order Colon to pay her legal bills in the case.

Although the child support case was filed roughly a year ago in a New York courtroom, news of Colon’s involvement did not break until recently. The parties to the child support dispute were listed as “Anonymous” in official court documents due to an order issued by the judge, but Colon’s name was made visible in the court papers because he initially opted to represent himself. This meant that he was listed as an attorney in the case.

Although child support disputes typically arise in contentious divorce cases, this sort of legal issue can also come up when a parent fails to acknowledge, or pay for, their children.

For additional information about this interesting divorce case, read the NYPost.com article, “Bartolo Colon’s Double Life with Secret Family.”

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