Mistress Files Lawsuit against NY Man Who Did Not Divorce Wife

James Greenwald, a retired media executive, is embroiled in a contentious civil lawsuit involving his former mistress. The salacious case has generated numerous media headlines in New York because the dispute reportedly stems from a failed attempt by Greenwald to divorce his wife.

James Greenwald is an 89-year-old NY man with a considerable net worth because of his former position as the head of Katz Communications. For several years, Greenwald engaged in an extramarital affair with Theodora Lee Corsell, a 68-year-old woman who also lives in New York. Greenwald first met Corsell seven years ago in connection with her job as a nonprofit worker for a fundraising organization. At the time, Greenwald reportedly asked Corsell to handle his charitable donations; however, the professional relationship never materialized and instead became a romantic relationship.

According to Greenwald, Corsell eventually demanded that he seek a divorce from his wife. When Greenwald’s wife reportedly refused to grant him a divorce, the relationship between Greenwald and Corsell came to an end. Corsell then filed a lawsuit against Greenwald in order to seek compensation for the services she allegedly provided him. Corsell’s lawsuit alleges that she managed Greenwald’s business affairs and also personally cared for him after he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage.

Greenwald’s lawyers have called the lawsuit a “shameless shakedown” and an attempt to smear the reputation of the highly regarded Greenwald.

Greenwald has now filed a countersuit against Corsell in order to recover money he allegedly loaned her during the course of their relationship. According to Greenwald’s lawsuit, the retired media exec gave Corsell a large amount of cash that she subsequently spent on jewelry and other items. Greenwald has also alleged that Corsell received financial kickbacks from retailers when she spent Greenwald’s money.

The Manhattan Supreme Court recently weighed in on the matter and declined to dismiss Corsell’s lawsuit.

For more information, read the NY Post article, “Man Countersues Ex-Mistress after Wife Refused Him a Divorce.

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