Michigan Law Simplifies Child Support Process if Divorced Parent Moves to New York

January 29, 2016

Michigan recently passed a law that will make it easier for Michigan residents to collect child support payments from parents who live in other states like New York. Now the law has been given force after Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder affixed his signature to it.

Michigan lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle proposed the bipartisan legislation because the state’s Uniform Interstate Family Support Act did not do enough to ensure that divorced individuals could secure much-needed child support payments when the other parent resides in another state, such as New York, or in a foreign country. The new law amends the old state law and provides divorced parents with an easier way to enforce child support orders issued by Michigan divorce court judges. Additionally, the law will simplify the child support process so that divorced parents will not get caught up in bureaucratic red tape when trying to collect child support in the event that the other parent moves to a different state or leaves the U.S.

Michigan State Rep. Robert Kosowski, one of the bill’s sponsors, highlighted the need for a law that will “make sure the child’s best interests are being preserved.” All too often in divorce and child custody situations, said Kosowski, it is the child who ends up suffering the most.

Importantly, the legislation makes Michigan one of a number of states that have altered child support laws on the books to fall in line with federal guidelines. As long there is consistency among different states, divorced parents should be able to get the financial assistance they need to raise their children.

Kosowski observed that a major impetus behind the Michigan legislation was a desire to hold parents accountable for their obligations to both their exes and their children. After the new law was enacted, Kosowski declared that “just because a parent crosses the state border doesn’t mean the responsibility to provide for his or her child should end.”

To learn more about the Michigan child support law, read the Hometownlife.com article, “Law Enacted to Help Ensure Child Support Payments.”

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