Jennifer Aniston Discusses Being “Shamed” for Her Divorce from Brad Pitt

Several years ago, Hollywood mega-star Jennifer Aniston went through an extremely high-profile divorce from Brad Pitt and was also highly scrutinized after the divorce was completed. Since then, Aniston has been the subject of news stories and media coverage that incessantly focused on whether she had “gotten over” her divorce and if she was “finally ready to have kids.” Now that Aniston has finally gotten remarried, she is speaking out about the public shaming she was forced to endure. Moreover, Aniston is reminding everyone that she is most certainly not a “sad, childless human.”

The truth is that what Aniston went through both during and after her divorce was not all that different from what a lot of people have to deal with when their marriages end. Divorce is never easy on either party in a marriage, but what most people eventually realize is that they are better off ending a marriage that isn’t working and beginning the difficult process of moving on with their lives.

Unfortunately, women are still occasionally judged for their lifestyle choices in ways that men are not judged. That’s one topic that Jennifer Aniston addressed in a recent interview. Aniston emphasized that it is important for women to resist being “shamed” by others for remaining single or for choosing not to have children. In Aniston’s case, she was repeatedly shamed over her marital status, her divorce status, and her decision to remain childless.

Last year, Aniston got married to Justin Theroux, an actor and screenwriter best known for starring on the hit HBO show “The Leftovers.” However, even if Aniston had opted to remain single after her earlier divorce, it sounds as though she would have been just fine.

For additional information, check out the article, “Jennifer Aniston Talks Being ‘Shamed’ for Her Divorce from Brad Pitt, Explains Why Justin Theroux Is the Right Guy for Her.”

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