Husband’s Job Status is Major Factor in Many Divorces

August 23, 2016

The husband’s job status may be the most important factor when it comes to determining whether a marriage will last or end in divorce, according to a recent study by Harvard University researchers. The results of the study are particularly alarming in light of the fact that the economy is still struggling and many people, both males and females, find themselves either out of work or struggling to earn enough money at their current jobs.

Divorce is rarely the fault of either spouse in a marriage. The reality is that there may not be a whole lot that people can do to prevent a divorce because relationships are influenced by factors that are simply beyond the control of the marital partners.

The recent study on the factors that influence marriage and divorce was conducted by Harvard University researchers and published in American Sociological Review. Researchers found that male spouses who did not have full-time employment for an extended period of time were significantly more likely – approximately 30 percent – to end up getting divorced than male spouses who had stable employment and good career prospects.

Alexandra Killewald, the main author of the Harvard study, examined data on marriages that went all the way back to 1970. Killewald said that “the husband breadwinner norm” still persists today, which might explain why the husband’s job status still has a greater effect on marriage and divorce than the wife’s job status.

Killewald did acknowledge that the study was limited by certain factors, such as the absence of data on same-sex marriages and the possibility that the couples included in the study may have divorced for reasons other than economics.

For more information, access the article, “Divorce: A Harvard Study Says This Can Crush Your Marriage.”

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