Hollywood Actress Nicollette Sheridan Files for Divorce, Seeks to End “Secret” Marriage

Hollywood star Nicollette Sheridan had a “secret” marriage that now appears to be headed for divorce.

Sheridan reportedly married Aaron Phypers in December 2015 and then legally separated from him on June 19, 2016. Less than one month later, Sheridan formally filed divorce papers in a Los Angeles court.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the divorce, things could potentially get very messy for the actress. The 52-year-old Sheridan, who is perhaps best known for having played one of the main characters on the popular television show “Desperate Housewives,” reportedly has a considerable net worth that could be at stake in the divorce.

Remarkably, the marriage involving the Hollywood actress and her boyfriend was kept a secret until now. Sheridan and Phypers began dating in December 2014, but there was never any public indication or media reporting to confirm that they got married.

Since Sheridan and Phypers did not have any children together, there will not be any issues surrounding child support or child custody. However, it is very possible that the estranged couple’s divorce will still be combative because it involves a high net worth. Moreover, sources indicate that the couple might not have signed a prenuptial agreement in advance of the marriage, which would mean that certain financial issues could become contentious if the divorce proceedings drag on.

When filing for divorce in the Los Angeles family court, Sheridan requested that the court immediately terminate any granting of alimony to Phypers. It is unclear if Phypers is contesting this request and asking for spousal support.

For additional information, check out the People Magazine article, “Nicollette Sheridan and Husband Aaron Phypers Divorce after Six Months of Secret Marriage.”

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