Getting Divorced? Here’s Some Need-to-Know Info for Women

October 23, 2015

If you are a woman, and you’ve made the decision to get divorced — or, if your husband has informed you he wants to split — it’s understandable if you are angry, sad, frustrated and stressed out. You don’t know where your life is headed, but you know for certain big changes are ahead.

Smart women don’t let divorce “happen” to them. They become empowered, ask questions, rely on professionals to protect their interests, not only legally but financially. Not sure where to go or what to ask? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Jonathan D. Katz, Esq. is an experienced divorce lawyer who will explain your rights and fight to protect you and your children. Talk to him about:

  1. Dividing Property: Whether it’s real estate, vehicles, joint retirement accounts, jewelry or furniture, it all has to be dispersed when you get divorced. Mr. Katz can discuss how to retain what’s yours by explaining the concept of marital property and equitable distribution guidelines. Of course, if you had a prenuptial agreement in place, you get to keep whatever the agreement dictates is yours.

  2. Dividing Debt: Unless you racked it up together, Mr. Katz can make sure you don’t have to foot the bill for his debts.

  3. Child Custody: They are your children — both of your children. If you aren’t able to negotiate child custody issues between the two of you, you can rely on Mr. Katz’ mediation experience to help work out an agreement that is in the best interests of the kids.

  4. Alimony and Child Support: Financial issues are extremely important to both spouses. Mr. Katz can help negotiate what you need now and in the future.

Sunderman argues that a satisfactory outcome not only requires that the woman make sure she is thorough and arrives at sound decisions with the advice of counsel. It is also essential that she avoids the mistakes that can have far-reaching negative impact. Impetuous decisions, for instance, can be quite harmful. “Don’t move out of the house without a plan,” she cautions. This is especially important if there are minor children in the house, for the action may impact custody decisions.

Mr. Katz is extremely compassionate and he wants to help all clients get through the divorce process unscathed. He also knows that, oftentimes, money is a huge issue in divorce. Therefore, a word to the wise: attempt to limit time talking about emotional issues with your lawyer. Instead, focus on the issues to limit legal fees. Besides, Mr. Katz is already on your side; complaining about your ex isn’t going to help him protect your rights.

Contact Jonathan D. Katz about your divorce today. He can help you with a traditional court divorce, mediation, or mediation where Mr. Katz will serve as the mediator and you and your spouse can bring your own attorneys. Consultations with Mr. Katz are available by calling his New Paltz, NY office today.

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