Frances Bean Cobain Seeks to Protect Kurt Cobain Inheritance in Divorce

March 31, 2016

Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of deceased music superstar Kurt Cobain, recently filed for divorce from her husband, prompting serious questions about how assets will be divided in the divorce case.

When celebrities like Cobain get divorced, there are often public relations issues – since the media tends to scrutinize these kinds of divorces and all divorces have the potential to be contentious and acrimonious. Cobain’s divorce is particularly complex because it involves a massive inheritance that Cobain got when her father committed suicide in 1994.

Cobain was married to Isaiah Silva, the lead singer of the band The Eeries. Cobain and Silva began dating in 2010 and got married in June 2014. In her recent divorce filing, Cobain cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the couple’s breakup.

Since the couple did not have any children, there are no child custody or child support issues to resolve. However, the couple will have to deal with the thorny matter of Cobain’s estate and property.

Cobain was just three years old when her father died and she inherited the entirety of his $450 million estate. Now she is seeking to keep all of that money – despite the fact that she and Silva never signed a prenuptial agreement.

Since Cobain and Silva are getting divorced in California, CA law will apply in their divorce case. Under California divorce laws, most inheritances are not subject to equitable distribution. Although Silva could potentially ask for division of any assets that the couple purchased during the marriage, Cobain may be in a strong position to claim that her inheritance remains her property. New Jersey divorce laws have a similar view of inheritances when a married couple gets divorced.

For additional information about this high-profile divorce case, see the article, “Frances Bean Cobain Files for Divorce from Isaiah Silva, Hopes to Protect Inheritance.”

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