Bristol Palin Loses Child Custody Case, Denied Sole Custody of Son

March 18, 2016

Bristol Palin, the outspoken daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, recently lost her child custody dispute with ex-fiancé Levi Johnston.

The former couple had been embroiled in an extremely contentious legal dispute over the custody of their son, Tripp Johnston. Not long after Tripp was born in 2009, Palin and Johnston ended their engagement and separated as a couple.

All seemed to be going well for the ex-couple when they arrived at an amicable child custody stipulation in 2010, with Palin agreeing to allow Johnston to spend time with their son two days per week. However, the child custody arrangement was never actually signed off on by a court. Ultimately, the child custody case lapsed and was dismissed for lack of activity.

Things became contentious in 2013 when Johnston felt compelled to file a petition for shared custody of Tripp because Palin was allegedly denying him access to his son.

Now the child custody case has come to a conclusion, with an Alaska family court awarding joint custody rights to both Palin and Johnston.

After the joint custody ruling was issued, Johnston went to Facebook to issue a statement. Johnston said that he was elated to have his son back in his life. Johnston added that he was “happy now to be successfully co-parenting.”

One particularly thorny issue in the child custody case was the fact that Johnston owed back child support, something that he acknowledged in his Facebook post. However, it appears that Johnston had begun taking steps to pay the back child support.

For additional information about the Bristol Palin child custody case, view the E! Online article, “Levi Johnston Wins Custody Battle against Bristol Palin after Seven Years and “Around $100,000” in Legal Fees.”

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