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Ulster County New York Out of State Visitation Lawyer – Child Custody Attorney in Kingston NYSome Divorce Issues Extend Beyond State Lines

Some Divorce Issues Extend Beyond State Lines – As the world continues to shrink in size, divorced parents more frequently need advice about problems related to out-of-state child support obligations or international visitation arrangements. At the law firm of Jonathan D. Katz, Attorney at Law, I help parents protect their interests no matter where they or their children live, provided that a family court in New York State has or can assert jurisdiction. Contact me to learn about my experience with international and interstate family law issues. I serve clients in Kingston NY and throughout the rest of New York, including Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Greene and Columbia counties.

Do you need advice about international enforcement of your rights?

It can be confusing enough to resolve family law matters when you live within a mile of the courthouse. If you live in a distant state or overseas, it can be especially difficult to maintain court-ordered visitation or support rights that were originally established in New York’s Hudson Valley or Catskill region. The Hague Convention is helpful for international cases but choosing the right child custody attorney is important.

I advise divorced spouses about such long-distance family law problems as the following:

  • Locating your child out of state or internationally in parental abduction cases

  • Protecting your visitation arrangements with a Hudson Valley child when you live in another state or country

  • Enforcing child support or alimony rights against a former spouse when one party lives here and the other lives far away

  • Maintaining a relationship with a child who lives overseas with your former spouse

Both federal law and international treaties provide for the remote enforcement of local divorce decrees and child custody or visitation arrangements. If either you or your former spouse and child maintain a current residence in the Poughkeepsie-New Paltz-Kingston area, or elsewhere in the Hudson Valley or Catskill region, I can explain the procedures for enforcing or modifying the commitments established in a New York State divorce.

Out of State Child Custody Attorney in New Paltz

Parental relationships and responsibilities transcend state lines and national boundaries. For further information about your rights in a situation with interstate or international overtones, contact a knowledgeable divorce lawyer at the office of Jonathan D. Katz, Attorney at Law in New Paltz.

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