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Child Custody Attorney in Ulster County

Family Lawyer Jonathan D. Katz Negotiates Child Custody & Parenting Plans in Kingston, Highland, and Ulster County, NY

When you are in the middle of divorce proceedings, it’s completely understandable that emotions are running high. You are worried about the future: finances and your children. The very last thing you want to do is put your kids in the middle — whether you are waging war or discussing your issues amicably.

Talk with an experienced New York family lawyer who can assist you in negotiating a parenting plan that puts your children first. Jonathan Katz is knowledgeable about the specific family laws covering divorce and child custody issues in New York. He will be by your side as you deal with issues concerning custody, child support, visitation and living arrangements for your children.

For more than 30 years, Mr. Katz has been a family lawyer in Saugerties, Highland, Ulster County, Orange County and Dutchess County. Whether you are fighting for custody for your children or simply trying to iron out a fair visitation agreement, he can help.

When It Comes to Custody Arrangements, Families in Saugerties, Highland, New Paltz, Kingston and Rochester Have Options

In a perfect world, child custody issues would be neatly negotiated and every one walks away happy. However, in a perfect world, there would be no need for divorce or issues of child custody and support. In the real world, the best-case scenario involves cooperation and calm. A skilled family lawyer can help you find a solution that works best for the children and both parents.

There are several child custody agreements that work for many families. When choosing the type of custody arrangement that will best suit your family, it’s important to consider physical location and proximity to jobs and family. Financial means is a critical factor, as well.

Standard Child Custody Arrangements in New York:

Sole custody: One parent serves as the legal guardian of the child(ren), making all major decisions. These decisions include religion, education and place of residence.

Joint custody: Custody is split between both parents. Both must consult with each other on all major decisions for the child(ren).

Physical custody: This is also referred to as residential custody. This is simply referring to the parent with whom the child(ren) lives regularly.

Depending on your personal situation, you may want sole or joint custody but the circumstances won’t allow for it. For example, if one parent must live far away for work then having joint custody may be difficult. Regardless, even when joint custody is selected, decisions about where children will reside and go to school must be made. A good parenting plan involves determining visitation including weekends, holidays, etc.

You don’t have to go through this alone. Mr. Katz has helped countless families in Saugerties, Highland, Kingston, New Paltz and throughout Ulster County, NY, negotiate and enforce child custody agreements that make the most sense for all involved. He will assist you in determining living arrangements and financial issues, as well.

How Do Family Courts in New York Determine Custody?

In cases where the parents are unable to come to an agreement on their own with regard to custody, a family court judge in Ulster County, NY will make the final custody determination. After 30+ years representing clients in child custody hearings, Mr. Katz knows how seriously judges here take the issue of child custody. He knows how to present your case so it will be viewed as favorably as possible, based on the available information and best interests of your child(ren). Many of these issues are subjective, which is why you need a lawyer experienced with the Ulster County, NY courts on your side.

Some of the factors that the judge will consider include:

  • Strength of parenting skills
  • Which parent has been the primary caregiver to date
  • General health of parents and children
  • Desires of the children (depending on the age)
  • Parental work schedule and earning potential

If you have special circumstances, please call Mr. Katz to discuss them. He is a skilled negotiator and a creative problem-solver. For example, if the child’s grandparents are looking for custody or to be part of a visitation plan, Mr. Katz can help work that out.

Mr. Katz Will Help If You are Fighting for Custody in Ulster County, NY

Many times, custody battles turn into wars. Both parents want custody of the children and both believe they are better suited to be the sole custodial parent. If you believe your children would be best off with you and you are seeking sole custody, Mr. Katz will fight to help you keep your children with you. If there are issues regarding grandparents’ rights, he can help. In Ulster County, and throughout New York State, attorney Jonathan Katz is a leading authority on legal matters involving child support and custody.

Talk to Jonathan D. Katz for about Your Child Custody Case

Your children are your world; no one knows that better than a man who has defended children’s rights and the rights of their parents in Ulster County, NY family courts for over 30 years. If you are in the middle of a divorce, or are fighting for custody or visitation rights for your kids, you should speak to a qualified family lawyer like Jonathan Katz. He will explain the custody process to you and advise you on the best course of action to protect your children and your rights.

If you live in Saugerties, Highland, Rochester, New Paltz, Kingston or anywhere else in Ulster or surrounding counties, contact Jonathan Katz today for a no-cost, confidential free consultation. Request your free consultation by calling 845-834-4747 or toll-free 866-614-8872 or fill out our convenient online contact form. We’ll be on your side every step of the way.

"Upon interviewing Jonathan Katz, I decided to retain him because I was impressed with his approach to divorce: he advocated communication, conflict reduction, and efficiency, toward reducing the stress and monetary expense already inherent to any legal action.

When my case took unexpected turns, Jonathan was agile and effective in his response, even when the straightforward divorce turned into an international custody battle that went to federal court. Responsive at every turn, efficient, and wise in his counsel, Mr. Katz's legal services gave me real value for my investment."

- Elizabeth A. Ledkovsky

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